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Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell
Frequent fluctuations in prices affect the farm income adversely and increase risk. Since farmers have no authentic source from which they could get the information on future changes in prices, they decide the area under various crops mostly by the price level prevailed in the previous seasons. This results in glut and scarcity frequently. After harvesting the crop, the farmers do not have any information on how the prices would move in the near future; they are not able to decide the best time of selling their produce even for the commodities that can be stored for short periods in the farm itself. So there is an urgent need to establish a permanent mechanism for market intelligence.

a) to forecast the supply and demand of important agricultural commodities in Tamil Nadu. 
b) to forecast future prices of major agricultural commodities
c) to study the  market situation related to important commodities.
d) to disseminate the market and price information on to the farmers for planning, production and holding stocks, and
e) to suggest policy measures to the Government of Tamil Nadu.











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